Wood And Urn

Welcome to the webstore of a few Finnish small business manufacturers.


This webstore is meant for products from various trades, all of which hold great export potential. All of the products are both Finnish and made in Finland.

Sustainable development and eco-friendly means of production are some of our main principles when it comes to choosing which products we want to offer for consumption. Our products are always carefully selected, since we think the manufacturing process and the materials used are both immensely important. All of the products must be ethical and sustainable.

We are particular about companies we partner with, as we only accept partnership with Finnish companies following the ethical and sustainable methods of operation. The companies we are partnered with are keen on taking care of the quality of their products, the wellbeing of their employees, and the environment.

Funerary urns

Jouni Riikonen is a handicraft entrepreneur from Finland. Riikonen creates his products by hand using the means of sustainable small-scale production.